Root Canal

Root canal treatment may be recommended if your tooth has a more severe problem. The popular notion that root canal therapy (RCT) is a painful process is a myth. In reality, it’s a procedure created to ease the significant pain from an infected tooth with a dead or dying nerve. With great success rates, RCT helps save teeth that may otherwise be lost. The Dental Centre utilises advanced rotary endodontic equipment to make root canal treatment efficient and convenient for you, similar to having a filling done. Furthermore, electronic pulp testers and apex locators are routinely employed to diagnose and plan your treatment.

What Does a Root Canal Therapy Involve?

Root canal treatment involves carefully removing the infected nerve from inside the tooth and cleaning, disinfecting and then filling the root canals with a special paste or material. Furthermore, this process may need repeating depending on how severely infected your tooth is or how complicated the canal system is. Finally, in most cases, the dentist will fit a dental crown over your tooth to protect it and restore its function.

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Why Is RCT Necessary?

Root canal treatment is necessary if you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth, leading to pain and discomfort when eating or drinking. This infection must be treated by a professional dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, the infection can spread into the bone around the tooth. In addition, this infection can cause more severe health problems, such as bone loss or oral and facial swelling.

What Are The Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment?

The main benefit of undergoing root canal therapy at The Dental Centre in Coffs Harbour is that it helps to save damaged teeth that would otherwise need extraction due to their condition. Not only does this help you maintain healthy oral function but it also helps preserve your natural smile.

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